Adventures in Blogland

Kind of late in the day for us all to discover blogs, but the Education Age today also had a big feature on the use of blogs by academics, and even a mention of good ol’ edublogs, though no mention yet of teachers or students blogging.

from THE AGE today:

Academics wondering whether they should venture into cyberspace
should consider its reach, says Adrian Miles, a senior lecturer in
new media in the school of applied communication at RMIT

“I have about 1000 readers a week, and that’s a very small blog.
I know other people who have major academic blogs and I would
expect their readership to be between 5000 and 10,000 a week,” Mr
Miles says.

“Even if I get published in a major international journal,
realistically, maybe 100 people would read my article.” Mr Miles’
blog – VLOG 3.0 – is about video blogging.

Essentially, a blog is a more flexible version of a discussion
list or online forum. Users self-publish their thoughts and ideas
on the net with free, easy-to-use blogging software (more complex
software is available for reasonable fees) and visitors log in to
respond, creating threads of discussion that can be archived but
accessed at any time.

In August last year, former Deakin University academic James
Farmer founded, a blogging site for educational
professionals. Edublogs now has 10,000 users, of whom he estimates
70 to 80 per cent are US academics.

Mr Farmer was recently appointed online community editor at The

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