Dotcom Kids

After the content based push of the weekend Australian, interesting to see a very different perspective in the Age today with an emphasis on thinking, on futures, on life skills, on gee…what, outcomes?  I liked some of the ideas in this piece; hate the headline. ‘Schools failing….blurb blurb blurb..that’s an easy headline isn’t it?

Schools failing dotcom kids

TEACHERS need to focus more on “higher-order” thinking skills
and critical problem-solving techniques to cope with the
lightning-speed culture of 21st century literacy, says leading
international educator and author Ian Jukes.

Mr Jukes, who is in Melbourne this week to attend a seminar at
Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, believes the biggest issue educators
face is a lack of relevancy in today’s learning.

“Australian education is dealing with exactly the same issues
that everybody else is dealing with right now, and that is trying
to provide the rigour and relevance for kids,” he says. “I think
the purpose of schools is to prepare children for their future –
not our comfort zones or our future. Their future. They’re the big
issues that we’re dealing with right now.”

Mr Jukes says schools must prepare students for both higher
education and employment, to avoid producing “highly educated
useless people”.

“We graduate people who have very, very good schools skills but
don’t have very good life skills,” he says.

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