The web browser for you and your friends.

I’ve been playing around with a new FIREFOX related web browser called FLOCK for the last week or so, and quite enjoying it. It’s very smooth and uncluttered, and synchronises nicely with web 2.0 apps like delicious (I refuse to spell it their stupid way with all the confusing and non-intuitive dots) and flickr as well as giving you access to some pretty powerful blogging tools. It imports your Firefox settings without any issues, including all your bookmarks if you want. You can have all your flickr photos scrolling across the top of the screen or hide them all away.

On the other hand I couldn’t get access to Flickr from within Flock and I think the Performancing extension for Firefox is still the best blogging tool I’ve seen yet. Flock is still in beta so I’m sure it will improve.  Both Firefox and Flock are way ahead of Internet Explorer for anyone who is interacting with the web, not just looking at someone elses’s content. They are both the new model of web browser as collaborative tool.


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