Ye Olde State VS Private Schools Debate

Shaun Carney’s AGE article today talks about the deteriorating physical state of some state schools in Victoria particularly, as highlighted in a new book released by Brian Caldwell this week, and suggests somewhat mischeviously that perhaps the Federal Government, who have so many bright suggestions to make about schools, should take over. He talks of the drift to private education in Australia in the last 10 years as if it’s all about infrastructure. Don’t know about that.

It is beyond question that, in Victoria at least, state schools are generally in pretty bad physical condition. The Bracks Government is, as Kosky says, spending $400 million this year on rebuilding its schools. Last year it spent $300 million. It is a lot of money, but it is not enough to do what needs to be done and Kosky surely knows it.Some might say that it borders on the bizarre that the publication of a new book by academic Brian Caldwell warning of a crisis in public education should have made an issue of the crumbling infrastructure, as though somehow the crumbling buildings, lack of facilities and unkempt grounds had been a secret until the past few days.

In a state of collapse – Shaun Carney – Opinion –

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