A Vision Splendid

Off to the Curriculum Corporation 13th National Conference beginning on Monday in Adelaide: The focus is on ICT and all that jazz. I can feel a podcast coming on!

About the Conference: A vision splendid

The vision to transform school education through the use of ICT has been in existence for more than two decades.

leading researchers, policymakers and practitioners in exploring recent
trends and vital factors that will make this vision a
reality. Reflect on innovative approaches to ICT integration,
together with controversial and thoughtful research in this field.

The thematic strands that will be the focus of the Conference include:

  • Use of ICT to provide personalised learning advantage to accommodate student diversity
  • Professional development opportunities and resources to support learning
  • Effective ICT integration into teaching practice and curriculum delivery

Keynote speakers

  • Professor James Paul Gee, Teacher Education, University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Jeremy Roschelle, Director, Centre for Technology in Learning, SRI International, USA
  • Jillian Dellit, Director, The Le@rning Federation Secretariat, SA
  • Professor Peter Freebody, Faculty of Education, University of Queensland, Qld
  • Professor John Hedberg, Australian Centre for Educational Studies, Macquarie University, NSW


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