Educating Millennials: A squiddoo lens

Just had a quick look at the Squidoo ‘lenses’ to see what was emerging out there, in terms of learning sites. There are some there, such as this one on educating the new generation, but I have my doubts about the one long page metaphor of Squidoo. Perhaps a better use of this, in schools, might be to get students to creat their own ‘lens’ on a certain topic. A lens seems to be a page of information, images, links, Amazon resources etc. on a specific topic. 

Students might create a lens on a fairly specific topic, and these could be shared. You could get students to create a ‘lens’ on something like a character in a novel, a Science topic like a chemical element, a historical battle or significant event, a local geographical river, stream or erosion site etc.  I haven’t played with this tool at all yet, so I’m unsure how collaborative it can be, it seems a single user tool to me.



  1. Thanks for your comments on my squidoo lens, Educating Millennials. I created a couple of sites the day before school started and it was my first attempt. So the info is still a bit in draft form.

    For students I created a squidoo lens on integers, I’m hoping to create some instructional videos and have resources so that kids can get a bit more help and some engaging practice. This type of lense is something that teachers can do. I may see if lenses can be used as webquests. Once again, I’m in the experimental/learning phase.

    As far as getting kids to create lenses, I’m not sure if there is a minimum age to create a lens. I teach 7th grade.

    Concerning lenses being interactive, they can be made interactive if the students create a poll, which is one of the tools.

  2. Thanks for the update Rebecca; I’m going to have a play around with this tool over the forthcoming holiday break and see how I might use it with students. It’s great to see teachers like you leading the way.

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