Wozcast 13


The Curriculum Corporation
13th Annual Conference in Adelaide, August 14th and 15: The Vision Splendid: ICT Research, Pedagogy, Implementation for schools

This podcast talks about some of the sessions I attended, particularly:

Effective integration of dynamic representations and collaboration to enhance mathematics and science learning by Jeremy Roschelle, Director of the Centre for Technology in Learning at SRI International.

Evaluating the Learning Federation’s online curriculum content: implications for teaching and curriculum by Professor Peter Freebody, Professor of Education at University of QLD.

Are video games good for learning? by Professor James Paul Gee, Teacher Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Searching for disruptive pedagogies: Matching pedagogies to the technologies by Professor John Hedberg, Millennium Innovations Chair in ICT and Education and Director of the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre at Macquarie University.

There’s also a brief mention of a new edublog I like by Graham Wegner called Teaching Generation Y

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Recorded 28/8/2006

3 thoughts on “Wozcast 13

  1. Warrick, I downloaded and listened to your podcast and enjoyed it very much. I appreciate the plug for my blog there also – ironically a few weeks back when you mentioned you were bound for the education.au conference, I thought that I should drop you a comment and say you’re welcome to come and check out what I’m doing. But I thought that’s a bit presumptous!! Actually been reading you for a while and I’ve commented before – it’s funny how the blogosphere works how people criss cross each other and then notice what the other is posting. That’s why I think the term “online community” is a bit erroneous – I like Leigh Blackall’s term Networked Learning to describe what is possible through blogging, wikis etc. I may have many nodes on my network and learn from many people who may not be even aware of my existence, and likewise. I’m always amazed when I find my blog in someone else’s blogroll (even in another language!) but if I tried to only read blogs that read me, then we’d get that echo-chamber effect. Anyway, I’m off to buy a graphic calculator – that’s obviously the future of education. But on a serious note, don’t dismiss the IWB movement yet – at least, not in primary schools where there is a real chance the use of the board for learning could be placed in the students’ hands. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Graham; much appreciated. I haven’t totally dismissed the IWBs yet, just not convinced it’s much of a change from the teacher-centred classroom model. I shall keep listening!

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