Holidays, Web 2.0 tools and Japanese beer

Well, I just fell across the line at the end of term this time around, coming down with the dreaded winter cold on the last day of term! I did just make it to school though, for a long meeting I’d been looking forward to for weeks;  trying to nail down some of the specifications on the web 2.0 tools we want to have in the school, specifically blogs, wikis and podcasting.

It was good to try to tease out some of the really specific things we want to see in these tools down to the levels of security and access and customisation required.  The decision has been made that these tools have to live within our intranet environment, and whether you question the wisdom of that or not, that’s the framework.

We’ve got some excellent programmers at the College but the more the lists of specifications and details and requirements for these tools grew, the more I began to think that the best option was to buy/download and install a purpose-built third party tool like WordPress or PbWiki, rather than try to re-create those environments ourselves.
Then it was time to go home for the September holidays. I joined some staff at the Undertaker for a couple of recuperative Asashi‘s (I’ve got to prepare for Japan) and then home to bed. Where I spent the next two days!

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