Creating the Walled Garden

I hadn’t heard this term before, but it describes something of the impulse I was blogging about earlier, the desire to utilise the social and interactive web 2.0 technologies WITHIN the school’s own network. So creating or installing blogs, wikis and other tools for the use of the school community only.

This is an interesting post by Michael Guhlin that lists some of the best tools for Creating the Walled Garden Tools he lists include:

Blogging: b2Evolution and WordPress (I like WordPress!)
Wikis: MediaWiki, TikiWiki (I prefer pbwiki, or wetpaint I think)
Image Gallery with tagging and rss: The Gallery, MediaChest (these are both new to me)
Online discussion boards: Moodle, phpBB (we use one which comes with out LMS)
Online survey tool: SurveyMonkey (this is a great tool)

There’s more too!