Should all learning professionals be blogging?

You probably know my answer, but it’s a bit like, ‘should all learning professionals be reflecting on their practice?’. Of course, but can you mandate that kind of thinking in a busy work day? I don’t think so. I’m working with others in my school to put in place structures that will facilitate teacher reflective blogging, but don’t think we should try to mandate it
Meanwhile, Derek from NZ answers that question for himself in his excellent blog HERE. His summary of why he blogs is below, and looking through it carefully, there’s nothing I could disagree with there.

  • it’s helped me establish a discipline of recording some of the ideas, thoughts, references and tips that I come across in my daily work.
  • I’ve been able to create a ‘repository’ of these recorded items which I can then go back and search for at a later stage (when my memory has let me down)
  • it allows me to share these things with colleagues without having to send repetitive emails – and it allows some of my colleagues to keep a track of what I’m up to through their RSS feeds etc
  • through the comments that people leave I’ve received both affirmation and constructive feedback on ideas and things I’ve shared -helping me grow and gain confidence in what I do
  • it’s forced me to read other people’s blogs in order to maintain currency in the things I’m thinking and writing about
  • it’s made me set up an RSS feed reader in order to manage my time and energies, and to learn new skills relating to skimming and scanning large amounts of information
  • I’ve used it as a place that I can send people to to find references, papers and presentations that I refer to or use when speaking to groups
  • I’ve become linked to a community of people I’d previously either not known of, or only read about in vague references – I can now interact with them through their blogs, and they with me.


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