Another Education Revolution

Which direction’s the Bastille? These revolutions come around at least one a year, and definitely around election times. I wonder how many other professions are under revolutionary siege; it’s no wonder some teachers feel a weary cynicism about the constancy of change. And perhaps it’s the constant pressure for changes in even the basic structures that stop us getting to the heart of the discussion; classroom learning.

KEVIN Rudd is set to promise an “education revolution” under
Labor, making it his top priority in government to overhaul the
entire national education system from early childhood to mature age

In a major speech at Melbourne University today, the Opposition
Leader will also cast education as an economic policy, warning of a
“mounting crisis” due to falling productivity and a backwards slide
in spending on universities.

Mr Rudd will lay out a case that Australia’s future wealth lies
in training a more productive workforce, and that the economy could
be boosted if more people stayed in education or training for

The new Labor leader will also criticise the level of public
spending on early childhood education, which is five times below
the average of OECD nations.


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  1. I just stumbled across your blog – great 🙂 I’m just beginning my career as a teacher after a varied vocational history.

    Just a few short notes about things I read:

    * Google Earth is a great tool in my experience, even if it is only used to get aerial photographs for other classroom activities (Map/ArcInfo or printed/laminated copies). The only difficulty in setting students (or geography teachers, for that matter) loose with it is getting them to stop playing/learning!

    * All of the politic-speak regarding education, especially around election time, is tiresome. To the point that I personally don’t listen to politicians from the major parties any more – I’ve got more important things to focus on, like teaching.

  2. Thanks for the feedback about the blog, and don’t be put off by the polit-speak. You’re on the right track if you focus on the classroom learning and it IS a very rewarding career.

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