WA Reforms – Media Statement

This is the fuller, more detailed statement released by the WA government on the changes that I blogged about earlier.

All Year 12 students – except those doing trade
certificates – will need to sit exams before graduation as part of a
number of wide-ranging reforms to the State’s education system
announced by Education Minister Mark McGowan today.

Mr McGowan said the reforms would also include the
introduction of new syllabus (course content) for kindergarten to Year
10 by the end of the year and a national panel established to verify
its quality.

The Minister said he had listened to teacher and
parent groups over the last four weeks and had put a detailed plan to a
special meeting of the Curriculum Council this morning, which had been

“What is crystal clear to the Government is
that we have to ease the pressure on teachers so they get back to the
basics of teaching and we have to restore the confidence of parents
that quality education is being delivered to students,” he said.

Full statement HERE

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