It Begins Again!

I’d hate to think how much of my life I’ve spent in rooms approximately like this; classroom configurations of around 20 to 25 chairs and desks, a blackboard which became a white-board at some stage I can’t remember, some presentation technology (overhead, telly, data projector) a teacher desk, some cupboards, a notice board, windows.

But for all that physical constraint, and that physical lack of progress in 20 years +, I still can’t help feeling a tinge of excitement and anticipation as it begins again this week; as these empty chairs are filled with new students and new complex inter-weavings of personalities and personas as we all start that new school year journey.

I’ve been thinking for the last few days of how I’ll begin the year with my English class (the first context is Survival ironically) and how I’ll try to get all that started, as well as how I can get them using the powerful technology at their disposal for good rather than evil! I can’t wait!

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  1. Hi Warrick, I too am in the same boat, thinking about Year 11 and 12 English and how I will present opportunities to them to take advantage of new resolutions to do better (theirs as well as mine) and to pique their interest without overwhelming them. I’m hoping to blog about the process a lot more this year and am looking forward to your reflections as well, should you choose to blog them. What text are you doing with the survival context?

  2. Hi Jo,

    Good to hear from you; we’re doing ‘One Day in the Life of Ivan..’ and ‘First they Killed My Father’. I do hope to reflect a bit more on my teaching this year as well as keeping up the other stuff.

  3. Hi Warrick,

    Well, two weeks in, I am sure sure you (and your students) are beginning to find your feet. I just thought I would mention – we are studying the theme/context of survival also – my students are currently analysing the film text ‘Touching the Void’, before looking at ‘Shark Bait’ (short story) by Colin Thiele. I would be very happy to share ideas with you, as this is my first time teaching a unit like this.


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