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I’ve had discussions with some of my students about being careful what they share online, and the permanency (and search-ability) of their thoughts, rants and ravings and how one day it might come back and bite them. Most don’t think much beyond next weekend, but many employers are already regularly ‘googling’ applicants for jobs. It’s one thing we need to add to our discussions. It’s well put in this posting by Saffo:

…which is why I pity teens today, for in a few decades their sophomoric
musings will deliver a vast embarrassment utterly unknown to earlier
generations. It is not that their words are any sillier than earlier
generations; rather teens today have had the misfortune of being the
first generation to record their thoughts in cyberspace where those
thoughts will remain perfectly preserved until some wag drags them out
at a school reunion or the author’s children discover the IM
affections that passed between mom and dad.

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  1. Except, I guess, that the dynamics of ‘social embarrassment’ change when the whole damned generation have indulged equally in the ranting and the raving. A very good (40 year old) friend of mine recently said:

    “Modern ICT users are the least private of any generation (blogs, webcams, flickr libraries, google, etc) yet we live in a world built on fear of identity theft and the shadow of our neighbour. Is this simply because the youth know better and the statesmen have yet to adapt to a modern world built on different principles of privacy? How might this affect future laws and modes of society?”

    Perhaps Paul Saffo, like our current crop of ‘statesmen’, hasn’t quite thought through the implications of, not just a few isolated people creating material that might embarrass them in the future, but a whole generation!

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