Ipods banned too (he says looking around for other stuff to ban)

Saw an email last week circulating around on one of the edcation mailing lists asking about whether schools were banning ipods, and late in the week another follow up email, saying something like, ‘Thanks for the response. I’m delighted to hear that so many schools are taking the approach we are, and banning ipods’

Maybe it’s just a poor choice of words, but that combination of ‘delight’ and ‘banning’ just sums up what’s wrong with some of our approaches. Why ban ipods? Apparently because they cause bullying, or get stolen, or get lost. Not to mention students like them and they may even have educational applications we haven’t quite got round to figuring out yet.

So, ban ’em I say, along with mobile phones, notebook computers, wallets containing money and anything else that might cause us admin hassles. And just let us get on with teaching!

student with ipod photo from flickr

flickr hey? Let’s ban that too!!! Delighted.

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  1. It’s disappointing, to say the least. Sure, there are issues, but to send the message to students that the way to solve problems is to apply a blanket black-and-white rule is surely more detrimental. Not to mention the fact that it alienates us further as craggy old Luddites. Sigh.

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