Classroom blogging revisited

I spent some time in a meeting yesterday getting down to the fine technicalities of creating a teacher or student blog at our school: the mechanics, the software, the process, the wizard, the syntax and it was tough work trying to balance the simplicity of the writer/reader relationship with all the subtle nuances of possible connotations: teacher blogs, classroom blogs, individual student blogs, groups of students, groups of teachers, within a class, between classes, for whom and aggregated how? I’ve written and thought a lot about the virtues of classroom blogging, even had a go myself last year, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty, it gets tricky.

So, I went looking again at the resources that I’ve blogged about in the past and whether anything new had emerged as a classroom blogging solution. Class Blogmeister is still out there with its complicated flow-chart (bel0w), something I once thought of as needlessly convoluted, but after banging on about detail for over an hour yesterday, I can see how that developed. I’d be interested to hear if any schools have found a blog software package and process that works for them.


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