Professional Standards

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) has just released a draft of their Code of Conduct for the Teaching Profession. They say

Over the past 12 months, considerable work has taken place with teachers to develop a draft Code of Conduct.

A working party with representation from teachers, principals,
employers, parents, unions and other education stakeholders, was formed
to steer the development of the Code of Conduct.

Through numerous regional and metropolitan focus groups and
school-based forums, teachers  provided direct, detailed and valuable
feedback. Late last year consultations were also held with key
organisational stakeholders.

All this has informed the development of the current draft document. 

This statement, which has been shaped by the values articulated in
the Code of Ethics, codifies what is already common practice within the
teaching profession. It sets out the standards of professional and
personal conduct and professional competence the profession expects of
its members.

Nothing ground-breaking but also some troubling ideas, particularly about sending students email or having personal conversations. They ask you to give feedback but when you try to do that their site crashes. From my experience that has just about been the standard response from VIT in the past to suggestions or criticism.

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