ICTEV 2007 – Digital Discussions

Off to the ICTEV Conference on Saturday. I went last year, and enjoyed the small scale, hands on nature of the event. This year the theme is ‘digital conversations’; I can feel a podcast coming on!

So what are digital discussions and how can we utilise them best in our classrooms. Digital discussions obviously fit in the ‘ICT for Communication’ dimension of the VELS, but we need to go beyond basic communication. We need the email, blogs, wikis, chats, video conferencing, etc. to be more than just faceless communication, we need them to be rich, educationally sound, interactions that we get by looking into someone’s face and having a good conversation. We need to use them to encourage the many who don’t readily discuss face-to-face to enter into a communications medium that will enhance their learning. We need them to become one way for children and teachers to present and share ideas, to communicate with others, but not just a shallow communication, one that lends itself to the expression of inner selves and allows all involved to grow and learn through the experience.


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