Blogging with James Farmer (ICTEV 2007)

The ICTEV session today opened with a keynote address from James Farmer (edublogs inventor) where he talked about our intoxication with content, and our binge-media approach.

I thought edublogs was Australian only but with 75,000 blogs and growing by about 1000 a week I guess not. James showed the audience some gee-whiz tools coming out of England’s futurelab which LOOK like good learning, but he argued weren’t. He argued that they were great examples of digital CONTENT, but not transformative tools. He argued that the key elements necessary were: AUTHENTICITY, IDENTITY and ENVIRONMENT.

He also talked about our onine environments SHAPING what we do, and that learning management systems like Blackboard and WebCT shaped learning in ultimately unproductive ways. I must admit that, even though I’ve been thinking a bit about physical learning environments, I hadn’t consciously thought of the LMS working in the same way to create a style.

I also went to a workshop session with James and about 20 teachers where he took us through the edublog experience, and I learned some things there too (which kinda surprised me after all this time) He sure love the wordpress thing, and it was great to see him moving around the admin features of the blogging system.

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  1. Hi Warrick, haven’t seen you here yet. I’ve been in a session on using Web 2.0 tools in the middle years. Thanks for your summary of James’ keynote.

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