Suitability to teach

Victorian Institute of Teaching

Oh the mixed messages. A couple of months ago I was critical here of the new draft Code of Conduct coming out of the Victorian Institute of Teaching and there I was a week or so at work arguing for it as a balanced document that represented the profession.

But does the VIT represent the profession or administer and constrain them? Where has the VIT been in representing teachers in the ‘pay as you earn A+s’ pseudo debate that’s been going politically? (Is it a debate if both sides of politics are falling over themselves endorsing it?) And where has the VIT been in getting the voice of the profession into the educational mud-slinging that’s only going to increase as the election gets closer?

However, they haven’t been totally inactive! Today I received a letter and a brochure telling me that later this year I’m going to have apply to continue to be registered as a teacher and ‘make declarations related to (my) continued suitability to teach’!  Great to hear they’re not just sitting around!

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