Rate My Teacher

Rate my Teacher is a US based website that allows students to rate their teachers. It’s taken off like wildfire in some schools, hasn’t got much traction in others. Today the AGE reported on it and said:

    Australian Education Union state branch president Mary Bluett said the site was scurrilous.

“It’s a site that shouldn’t be allowed,” she said. “If there were names attached to some of the anonymous comments that are placed there, they would be open to defamation.”

Ms Bluett said the union had been contacted by a number of members who were distressed by comments on the site. She said in extreme cases, the comments could shorten the career of a teacher by shattering their self-confidence.

However, Ms Bluett said because the site was based overseas, there was no legal recourse to pursue.

The Department of Education is similarly hamstrung, but earlier this year it blocked access to the site from state school computers.

I’ve looked at this site a few times over the last couple of years and been surprised that, given the comments by students are anonymous, they’re often not harsher and nastier. Of course the AGE, while feigning a kind of quiet indignation at the site and why it wasn’t banned, also published the URL at the end of the article online.

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