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Earlier this year I blogged about a concept mapping software called Rationale, which has some nice features, particularly in the area of planning essays and analysing arguments. Not quite the free-form approach of Inspiration, and not the crazy online lower-caese way of bubbl.us I was talking about earlier this week, but some good specific features that would suit senior Humanities and English classes particularly.

So I was pleased to see another sign that Austhink is maybe a company that gets it in that they have a wiki, using the pbwiki platform, for Rationale users to share stuff and contribute to. Austhink is still firmly upper case, but it gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling came over me to see a software company adopting the web 2.0 approach.


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One thought on “Rationale Wiki

  1. It is worth adding that the Rationale Wiki is integrated into the Rationale software itself, in this sense – if you are browsing the wiki using the inbuilt browser in Rationale, you can drag Rationale files from the wiki onto the Rationale workspace, and the file is automatically downloaded and reconstituted there on the workspace for you. This is a particularly nice effect in cases where the wiki has an image of a map linked to the corresponding Rationale file – dragging the image across gives you the “live” map on the workspace.

    However the Rationale Wiki is really just an interim measure for a much richer “Web 2.0” environment Austhink has under development.

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