Performance Pay Deserves an F

I think this letter to the AGE today pretty well sums up my view on this one too. I’d just come out of a Year 11 English class discussing the analysis of language of the media and saying that whenever someone says something like ‘Pretty much everyone agrees..’ you should sit up and be suspicious!  As I blogged earlier, and as Ian Hundley says: pay all teachers more for starters.

THE headline “Everyone agrees, it’s a matter of how to reward great teachers” (The Age, 15/6) misses the point. The fact is that teachers, as a whole, are systematically underpaid for the work they do.

Julie Bishop has latched on to a report by the US Centre for Quality Teaching to support her proposal for performance pay. The report may be noteworthy because the authors have teaching experience. It doesn’t follow that they know how performance pay works in practice.

Performance pay has been much reviewed in many industries over many years and has been found to be a bad idea for most occupational groups. The 52-page US report does not review any of these studies.

Performance pay for teachers deserves an F rating.

Ian Hundley, North Balwyn


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