What about performance based pay for politicians?

Now there’s a thought that might get some traction. As politicians help themselves to another 6.7% pay increase while teachers pays go backwards in real terms, AND it’s teachers who are in the spotlight for their performance! perhaps we should look at politicians pay in terms of performance?

And in the areas of the truth about the war in Iraq, water planning, AWB corruption, public transport and infrastructure, they’re not looking too flash. Even the trains don’t run on time!

The AGE reports today that:

Prime Minister John Howard has defended a 6.7 per cent pay rise
for politicians, saying they work harder than many people on
similar salaries.

The base salary for backbenchers will jump from $118,000 to
$127,000 next month under the latest ruling by the Remuneration
Tribunal, an independent body which sets politicians’ wages.

Mr Howard will receive a $21,000 rise to $330,000 a year while
Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd will get an extra $15,000.

The average wage is between $50,000 and $60,000 a year.

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