NASA TV (repost)

Okay, so now I’m re-posting from old postings, but I was thinking about watching the space shuttle on my laptop computer again and how amazing that actually is.

I blogged just that sentiment a couple of years ago but it was on the old blog (I didn’t know about migrating posts over in those days) so I’m posting it again, because it’s still unbelievable that we can watch spacecraft and we should remember that!

I blogged this on August 1, 2005. I should tag it ‘amazing things that we take for granted in our lives’.  Instead, the only tag I had that vaguely fitted was ‘higher ed’!

Does anyone else think it’s absolutely amazing that we can login to NASA TV and watch live video of the space shuttle Discovery joined to the International Space Station as it orbits the earth while the astronauts space-walk and go about their business?

I mean, just for a moment think through what we are looking at, playing in RealPlayer on my notebook computer in my study in Hawthorn, Victoria: a spaceship orbiting the earth, astronauts working on the space station, our earth tilting below, the blackness of space.

I’ve become addicted to watching it: last night I even watched video taken from one of the booster rockets as it soared into space, then cut out, and split from the rocket and fell back to earth. It was silent for a few moments as the shuttle soared away, and then as the booster fell back to earth there was a spinning grinding , unearthly sound as the thing plunged back towards earth, before it fell finally and peacefully into the sea. It was beautiful!


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