New template (ocean-y)

How embarrassment to find, when I linked to Graham Wegner’s edublog site – Teaching Generation Z earlier tonight, to find that I was using exactly the same template as he was. His was prettier, especially with his gold logie in the blogroll! but it felt funny all the same so I’ve been fiddling around with some others, and have settled on this one for a while.

The pages are still there, just buried a little more under the button ‘web 2.0 in schools’. This theme doesn’t handle pages as well, but it’s nicer in other ways. The image is part of a photo I took a couple of years ago above Main Creek, near Flinders in Victoria.



  1. I wouldn’t sweat the template issue too much – there are only so many templates to choose from and when I settled on my current theme, it was one of only a few with a customisable header. I spent so much time being pedantic about getting the header image right in Photoshop and every thing I’ve changed in the past means the widgets all shift position in the sidebar. The fact you hadn’t noticed until now proves the point that most people read blogs through an aggregator. The blog owner gets sick of their blog’s look long before any of their readers do. As an example, I read Doug Noon’s Borderland and his original theme suited his writing style and his location in Alaska – rustic, rural and practical. His new theme is also like that but I would have still been happy if he had never changed – I certainly knew where I was when I went to comment!
    By the way, really looking forward to catching up with you in Melbourne – a drink and meal after the conference gig will be an ideal networking and learning opportunity. I certainly want to “pick your brains” about a few things!

  2. You’re right Graham; I read your blog in Bloglines so hadn’t seen the actual look of it for quite a while. Sometimes the things we think matter, actually don’t!

    Looking forward to catching up too.

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