Student cracks internet filter and then says sensible things about net filtering!

Tom Wood / Craig Borrow

The Herald-Sun reported today that Tom Woods, a sixteen year old schoolboy from Melbourne, had cracked the Federal Government’s new $84m internet porn filter in about half an hour.

He then cracked a upgraded filter in forty minutes.

However, what interested me most wasn’t this boy’s prospective career path in the IT industry or his supporting actor role in Die Hard 7.0, it was what he had to say about filters themselves, which seemed eminently sensible and something the government cold learn from:

“Filters aren’t addressing the bigger issues anyway,” he said. “Cyber bullying, educating children on how to protect themselves and their privacy are the first problems I’d fix. “They really need to develop a youth-involved forum to discuss some of these problems and ideas for fixing them.”

And so say all of us.

The full story is HERE

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