Convergence of the twain: VIT and IWBs combine!

I promise this will the last post this year on VIT, but I couldn’t resist when TWO of my educational annoyances: VIT AND IWBs came together in an unholy alliance on the cover of the VIT newsletter iteach this week! It was like they were taunting me!

I know that the audience was a large and general one, and I’ve got no doubts that the author is probably a very effective teacher, but I thought it was unusual to celebrate a largely unproven piece of technology on the front page of the official newsletter of the official (and compulsory) Victorian Institute of Teaching. The IWB marketeers never had it so good. And, it didn’t tell us that much either: ‘The IWB is like large computer screen. Whatever is usually done with a mouse can be done using your hand on the board.’ The conclusion, ‘The value of these whiteboards is their interactivity‘, is the very thing I question most about the.



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