Windows Live Writer

I see that the Windows Live Writer is out of beta and into full implementation.  This is a blog writing tool. You set up your blog or blogs and then writer the entry in Windows Live Writer and publish it to your site, or multiple sites.

It IS nice to type your blog into a space that’s much bigger than the standard WordPress or edublog space, and works quite smoothly. I’ve used the Firefox extension Scribefire for some time for just that reason. It’s odd to have to open another application to write your post; Microsoft is still SO application centred.

However, Live Writer also allows you to write your posts offline and publish them later. Of course you could do that by writing your post in WORD or a text editor and pasting it in later, but it’s nice to have the formatting too. It links with Windows Live Messenger and Mail but you can download it by itself, when isn’t always Microsoft’s way.

I would have thought that inserting images and tagging would have been a little easier but the free download might be worth having a play with if you’ve got some time over the summer.


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