Melbourne City School

One of the first things on the desk on day 1, a press release announcing a new school, Melbourne City School, an offshoot of Eltham College, beginning with Prep in 2009 and developing after that. Whether it will work or not, I did like some of the sentiments in the media release, including:

This school will be about young people in the 21st century. Young people and their world have changed. Schools can no longer be built on the past – but must be built on the world of young people and that is the world of the global knowledge economy.

The Melbourne City School program will set new standards in learning, across traditional literacy and numeracy areas and in the fundamental 21st century skills of creativity, self management and problem solving, emotional intelligence and self esteem. The school will foster exploration and teamwork in learning, and promote a truly global focus in its pursuit of important subject areas such as science and language learning, including bilingualism. It will provide an unprecedented seamless transition from early childhood learning through schooling, preparing young people to manage their living, learning and working to emerge as the new leaders of the complex, ever transforming 21st century global knowledge economy.

Fine sentiments, and a good start for any school.

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