Teacher pays flunks the fairness test

There’s been a bit of talk in the Victorian media over the summer about teacher salaries, and lots of graphs demonstrating how Victorian teachers have fallen behind their interstate counterparts, and how all Australian teachers relative pay has deteriorated over the past twenty years.

The media coverage continues in the AGE today with an article from Anne Rennie which concludes:

In the past, a notion prevailed that teachers taught for love,
not money; that they were vocationally disposed to work for the
common good. Well, teachers can’t live on love alone. If the
profession is to attract and retain the best teachers, it needs pay
and conditions that reflect that professional position.

It’s a good article, and perhaps also depressing stuff. As I prepare to meet new teachers at our school tomorrow and talk to them about curriculum and learning, I wonder what they’re thinking about the paths they’ve chosen.  I’ll be saying to them, as the Rennie article does, that despite the shortcomings I’ve found teaching a richly rewarding profession.

I’ll also be saying, as I’ve been saying for a while now, that forget performance pay, ALL teachers need to be paid more.

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