Teacher Tech and Productivity

An interesting non-edublog post from a high school maths teacher talking about technology, productivity and what software schools should be supporting teachers with. There are a lot of comments and suggestions at the end of the post too. The post describes the multi-pronged problem as:

I have found it increasingly annoying to hear from on high that we need to integrate more technology in our classroom, yet most new teachers and old teachers are still using old standbys because we don’t have the time to use and troubleshoot our way through technology. Making worksheets by copying and pasting by hand. Building test questions from book programs that only work on PCs or OS 9 on macs. Wanting to use videos from the internet only to find they are blocked. Wanting to post information to a website or build my own website to find that FTP is blocked or that online-services are clunky, restrictive, and cumbersome. Granted that I am lucky enough to have a computer, a projector, and an ELMO (videocamera hookup to a projector.) But for the love of turtles! It seems that the industry ignores us!

The rest of the post, and replies HERE

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2 thoughts on “Teacher Tech and Productivity

  1. The blog entry is really very interesting. As for me I started using a Web 2.0 application http://www.wrike.com for my group projects about 6 months ago. I got amazing results. Students loved the tool and many of them now use ther accounts for their own projects.

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