Convert HTM to PDF Tool


This simple but effective little tool seems to work well; just paste a URL into the space and it will convert that web page to a PDF for you to download. Of course if you have the full version of Acrobat you could simply print the web page to PDF but if you don’t, or if you’re on someone else’s computer, this will do the job well.

I just wish I’d found it yesterday when I spent a couple of hours unsuccessfully trying to set up my daughter’s wireless network. I arrived confident and smiling and left a crumpled and defeated heap! All I wanted to do was swap her old modem to a wireless one (from a Speedstream to a Netcomm) but after one half-successful attempt I found it impossible to log in to the new modem to set it up. And no back up plan! Also, having to plug in the old modem all the time to go on the net and find support documents took a lot of time. This tool would have allowed me to save all those help files, including the screen shots, as pdfs.



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