Keeping a sense of wonder

I was pointed to an interesting post this week, an interview with award winning primary school teacher, Tim Thompson, on how he uses technology such as podcasts, blogs and video in his classroom. I liked the following observation particularly; a key thing for teachers I think, is to continue to play with these technologies. And that’s my excuse 🙂

Thompson says:

I’ve found that the most beneficial strategy in finding and choosing new classroom technological initiatives is to try them myself. Whenever the opportunity arises I sit in on our school district’s technology seminars and classes. Without fail I always hear of something new to try. After I first give it a try I am much more apt to give it a go with my own students. As educators, we ourselves never want to lose that sense of wonder. When we are open to new ideas and processes our students will be too.

You can read the full inerview on OpenEducation here

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