Poetry ISN’T Everywhere


Just heard today that the Poetry is Everywhere Conference, scheduled for April 24th in Castlemaine, has been cancelled due to a lack of enrolments. I was scheduled to do the keynote. I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t already spent a few days on the holidays on it, and booked a room via Wotif. Maybe I’ll publish my presentation somewhere if I get round to finishing it all off.

2 thoughts on “Poetry ISN’T Everywhere

  1. Warrick, that’s so disappointing! I had really wanted to participate in this conference, but live in eastern Victoria – the difficulty of Castlemaine as a venue may have been a factor in the cancellation. Perhaps we can look into using some online collaborative technologies such as FlashMeeting or Ning to form an ‘audience’ for your keynote, which I imagine was entirely worthwhile.

  2. Thanks for that comment; I think you’re right that the location was an issue, and also the fact that it was immediately adjacent to a long weekend. I don’t blame VATE who I think were doing exactly the right thing by trying to connect to the mainstream poery conference.

    I’m not sure how worthwhile he keynote would have been but I had downloaded the Streets ice-cream ad as an example of poetry in advertising, so that might have been fun!

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