It’s been a long time comin’…

I don’t know why the Victorian government had to posture around this for two years or so before finally agreeing to pay Victorian teachers something like what they’re worth, as announced yesterday. Before this decision Victorian teachers were among the worst paid in the country.

This from the AGE today:

VICTORIAN teachers will jump from being the worst paid in the country to the highest paid under a landmark deal designed to lure more talent to the profession and stem the tide of those leaving for other jobs.

After three statewide teacher strikes, five weeks of rolling stoppages and 14 months of negotiations, public school teachers at the top of the classroom scale will now get an annual salary of $75,500 a year — an increase of about $10,000 — while graduate teachers will earn $51,184 — a jump of $5000.

To boost productivity, secondary school students will get 10 minutes of extra instruction a day, while three out of four pupil-free days — which currently take place in the middle of the term — will be replaced by professional development days at the start of the term.

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