Is this the archetypal myspace blog post?

I stumbled across this blog post on my space while searching out a musician I like (Josh Rouse: for some reason musicians have stuck to myspace!) I though it might very well qualify as THE classic myspace post; the one that defines the genre:

HeY eVeRyOnE!!!

How are you all? Well life for me at the moment is ok i guess…It could be better but hey its not perfect all the time. School starts soon and can u believe it im actually looking forward to it. These holidays have been so boring!!! I went and saw stick it today. lol. It was good :-)..hehe…Ne ways…hows everyones love lives going???coz mine is confusing:-S…Ah well i just need to give it time.

Ok well I have to go now

I Love Everyone sooooo Much!!!




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