Summer school for teachers

The renewed emphasis on education, in terms of funding, was refreshing to see in the budget this week. In the small print though, I was disappointed in the scrapping of the Summer School for Teachers Program. I know three teachers who were involved in that program last year, who gave up considerable parts of their vacation to improve their professional practice. They all spoke highly of the experience.  More significantly perhaps, they’ve all brought that experience back to the school in a positive way, leading to further, broader change.  The extract below is from the AISV Bulletin this week:

The Australian Government obtained the funding for the National Action Plan by scrapping several programmes that had been introduced by the Howard Government. These included the Summer School for Teachers Programme, which will be scrapped immediately, the Even Start – National Tuition Program, which provided tuition vouchers for children who failed to meet literacy and numeracy benchmarks and which will be scrapped from 2009, and a scheme to reward schools that were able to improve their students’ literacy and numeracy results, that was due to commence in 2008. The Budget also indicated that the Australian Government would reduce funding for Teaching Australia by 40 per cent in 2008-09, and that funding would be further reduced in future years

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