Balloon over Hawthorn

Took this photo a couple of weeks ago with my phone camera on the way to work. Three balloons were coming my way, fast and low, and the sky was so clear that I walked fast up to Burwood Rd and got a couple of shots.

I see these balloons quite a bit in the Hawthorn area early in the mornings and I always love watching them, and hearing the ‘swoosh’ of the gas jets sometimes too. They move more quickly than you think, and sometimes low like this. I always think of them as an image of freedom somehow; above it all, untethered.

So I thought of that image tonight as I packed up my desk for a week or so to head down the coast for a few days. It seems like a long term (see early post on manic teaching cycles) so it will be nice to be untethered for a little while, to do some reading and to see if any thinking or writing can emerge from that.


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