Professional Learning Teams

I’ve been a bit of a fan of Neville Johnson’s work on the power of professional learning teams engaged in projects for quite a while, and it’s been at the back of a lot of my thinking about the way professional development and staff learning should be mainly organised: in-house and about the real work (that is, the classroom stuff)

So it was good to begin the term with Neville presenting to us about professional teams work based projects based on inquiries, something we are doing, but with a slightly different edge.

The diagram at this link, from Florahill, is very similar to the one he presented to us, though we were talking about multiple foci, leading to multiple inquiries, and building in an element of teacher sharing and observation too. You can read a little about how Neville worked with the Kew Innovation and Excellence Cluster HERE

Johnston argues strongly for the power of teams, for the room for ‘real work’ and for learning to be at the centre of it all.

I was just impressed with his continuing passion for the vision. Listening to him present, and then talking to him later, he was just the same; totally genuine about the importance of getting ‘learning’ into the conversations that teachers have together.

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