Flip Video

Got my hands on very interesting little gadget this week; the FLIP video camera. Not available in Australia yet (thanks Teresa for organising a USA pick-up) except on e-bay (which I’m never going to use again after their recent paypal fervour) this little gadget is about the size of pack of cigarettes (remember them?), runs on A4 batteries, takes an hour of pretty good quality video, costs about $150US and is ridiculously easy to use. No more brackets I promise!

When I say ‘pretty good’ I wouldn’t want to put it on a wide-screen HD TV but it’s more than acceptable for web use or viewing on your computer. And no cords or cables!; the USB thing just ‘flips’ out and it plugs into your USB port, with software built into the camera.

I can see heaps of opportunities for classroom use of this tool. Group work, oral presentations and no big and bulky video camera sitting in the corner dominating the room. You could shoot short plays or ‘news’ for students and of course students could use it themselves to make video presentations for each other or the class, all of which are editable in programs like Movie Maker of Studio.

There’s plenty of examples of the video that comes out of this camera on the web. There’s a CNET review HERE and below is a 10 minute YouTube review of the FLIP from GeekGirlTV:

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