Education revolution ties funding to results

It didn’t work in the USA, it didn’t work in the UK, but let’s try it anyway. The Rudd government’s plan to ‘name and shame’ under-performing schools, principals and teachers is simplistic, populist stuff. Stuff that wont improve student learning.

The Australian reports:

KEVIN Rudd will demand states take tough action against failing schools, sacking principals and teachers and even closing sub-standard schools, as a condition of a multi-billion-dollar education fund to ensure all students have a good education.

The Prime Minister will seek agreement from the states to reveal the relative performance of their schools from next year, with individual school reports available to parents within three years that detail their child’s results as well as the school’s performance against a group of comparable schools.

Mr Rudd unveiled the latest stage in his education revolution at a speech to the National Press Club in Canberra yesterday, including extra funding to reward excellent teachers and attract the best and brightest graduates into teaching.
Read the full article from the AUSTRALIAN HERE

2 thoughts on “Education revolution ties funding to results

  1. The comments by one of the authors of the OECD report “Improving School Leadership” provide a nice counterpoint to the government’s rhetoric.
    Naturally, KRudd and co. will dispute or even “refute” the comments, and we can expect the “productivity” mantra to make its way into their arguments.
    If the government starts making noises along the lines of “no child left behind”, maybe we teachers will need to start an education revolution of our own.

  2. So, instead of looking at what drives the success of nations like Finland and New Zealand who are the pacesetters, we Australians asre expected to implement the ideas and policies of those nations trailing a significant distance behind. Not much revolution there from Mr. Rudd, proving that most shades of politician are inept in “getting education.”

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