Using web 2.0 tools in the classroom (ELH2008)

Matt Esterman’s presentation ‘Delicious Blogs and Wikis: Using Web 2.0 technologies to enhance Student Centred Learning (SCL)’ followed on nicely from the keynote after lunch about the changing world of the learner tools.

It was based around a number of tools: edublogs, delicious, wikispaces, some of my favourites in the web 2.0 world currently. It was great to see a young teacher talking passionately about these tools, and also asserting their place in the senior English and Humanities classroom, where I’ve found that some schools find this hard to maintain.

Esterman began by talking about what student centred learning was and then moved to the web 2.0 tools that enabled the HOW of a student centred approach. It was a practical session that focused on using a tool or two, on getting teachers to take that first step

It was funny when he came to talking about edublogs that he asked participants to look at two edublogs as examples, one of which was mine. I didn’t know whether to say ‘that’s me’, but I shut up and hoped that no-one would criticise it too loudly. Thankfully no-one did.

3 thoughts on “Using web 2.0 tools in the classroom (ELH2008)

  1. As a colleague of Matt I had viewed his presentation a number of times, as he worried it to death (as we all do). I gave him the link to your blog Warrick, as it was one of the first that I cottoned on to when I started blogging just over a year ago …. and how fortuitous that was. I didn’t know you were at the conference, and certainly didn’t know you would be attending Matt’s session. Your comments about his presentation will certainly add to his enthusiasm and lead him to explore innovation further. He’s a great asset to our school.

    And thanks for blogging ELH….I’m afraid I just didn’t have the energy!

  2. Thanks for those comments Graham; I’m sorry I didn’t meet up with you at the conference; I came back to school with lots of ideas and inspiration.

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