Digital Footprints

I’m a bit of a fan of Will Richardson’s work, though I do think he’s a bit hard on teachers at times and not always recognising the good things that are happening. I guess that’s the stance you have take when you’re advocating wholesale reform of systems.

His most recent  article, Footprints in the Digital Age, is a free download from Educational Leadership and argues that in the new world self-directed learners must be adept at building and sustaining networks.

He also includes some simple tips for teachers wanting to get started in this networked world themselves.

I liked this bit especially, since we’ve been talking about digital footprints a lot, in trying to develop student understanding of the concept, and how they might begin to actively shape your online presence:

Your personal footprint—and to some extent your school’s—is most likely being written without you, thanks to the billions of us worldwide who now have our own printing presses and can publish what we want when we want to.

On the surface, that’s an unsettling thought—but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if we are willing to embrace the moment rather than recoil from it, we may find opportunities to empower students to learn deeply and continually in ways that we could scarcely have imagined just a decade ago.

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