Beginning of a great adventure

Or so said Lou Reed, in his (best) album, New York.

But, after seven years of blogging this doesn’t feel like much like a new adventure. Moving this blog from to isn’t an exciting thing to do, or particularly adventurous. It took me about an hour and a half to find a new blog name, export my posts from my old edublog and import them here. It didn’t work too well first time, it did the second.

And why? Well, Edublogs had gone ad-happy, and while I won’t labour the point, they were in-text style ads that appeared in your blog content, unless you upgraded. Edublogs has been my preferred platform and my recommendation of choice to other educators for the last three  years or so. But Edublogs had some performance issues earlier this year and I began to worry about being so reliant on one independent service in these increasingly economic times.  And them came the ads.

So, here I am world. I’m not excited. I’ve been blogging too long to think that anything I say here is going to change too many things out there. But I write because I think and feel. And that’s still an adventure.

2 thoughts on “Beginning of a great adventure

  1. I can certainly understand your dilemma. I have always recommended Edublogs, though I personally blogged at WordPress? Why? Because even when I was choosing a blog platform I was impressed with the reliability of the WordPress service, and over the years have been frustrated with edublogs at various times when working with other educators. Good luck with your new choice, and here’s hoping Edublogs settles down with their new price and service structures. It is good to have an education specialist around overall – I guess it’s a case of surviving the economic crisis and staying solvent.

  2. And I thought the jaded-ness was being left behind for 2008….
    I’m excited.
    By what you have to say.
    By how you challenge what’s said about education and people’s thinking.
    By the fact that you continue to want to think and feel and put it ‘out there’.
    Any change may not be obvious nor explicit, but that’s not the reason for blogging is it? Or any writing.
    It’s not the reason for thinking or feeling either, but those who wish to live a rich and rewarding life still do it.
    Just do it.
    We depend on you doing it.

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