Grown up Digital

After I railed angrily about the media (esp. the AGE) depiction and stereotyping of young people as brain-dead internet zombies late last year here, I was delighted to hear the other side of the story coming from Don Tapscott, who wrote Growing Up Digital among other things.

In a conversation on Net at Nite he talks about his new book, Grown Up Digital, and argues that, rather than the dumbed down and selfish generation, the internet kids are generally smarter, more connected and with a stronger social conscience. The problem is that too many of us adults don’t get it. Tapscott argues that everything’s gonna change, and that means pedagogy too. It makes good listening and I’ll definitely be on the school library doorstep when it opens next week organising a couple of copies for teacher reference.

Meanwhile, you can grab the mp3 and hear the conversation here:  netatnite



  1. Nice story. but you have a (rare, never published) original draft of the cover. To see the actual cover go to or

  2. How embarrassment! The author himself caught me with the wrong cover of his book. That’s what you get using an image of Flickr (which turned out to be one of the book’s designers and this was an early draft). The image in the posting now is the one from Amazon. Sorry Don!

  3. Just had to check out what Don had said when I saw his name on the recent comments. Had a chuckle I have to admit!! I must get a hold of that book though – thanks for pointing me to it.

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