Innovation for Fun and Profit

This was a keynote given to the AAIBS Conference in Adelaide by Marty Gauvin.

Marty is a technology entrepreneur who focused on innovation. He began by talking about his own school experiences at St Peters College in Adelaide. He was asked to advice the Curriculum Committee at the school when was still at school, which said something about the school and him.  I don’t think he made enough of the kind of opportunity that was for him, though he did call it one of those decisive moments of his life.

He described his own journey, led by the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, in building up Hostworks, an innovative Australian company, which he sold in 2008.

I liked his slide about the essential collaboration: innovator, implementer, administrator or manager, Leader


This has implications for how we innovate in schools; particularly when we think that lower levels of innovation come with higher levels of ‘comfort’. He also talked about the ‘risk gap’; what you are willing to risk. You need the idea, the team, the time and the resources.

Marty’s keynote got a good response and generated plenty of questions, though not the one I would have liked to ask if I wasn’t so far from the roving microphone: ‘is it possible for schools to foster innovation? And how?

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