Assessment for Learning


I was replying to an email from a colleague about some ideas for formative assessment and I was surprised  that I hadn’t ever mentioned that here, or a great resource we’ve been using.

This year a big focus for our teacher learning has been around formative assessment or assessment for learning and a key resource we’ve used has been Toni Glasson’s excellent book, Improving Student Achievement. Published by the Curriculum Corporation it’s a very practical and user-friendly way into some of these ideas.  I’m sorry I haven’t mentioned it earlier!

2 thoughts on “Assessment for Learning

  1. Warrick
    You might want to check out the research of Prof Rick Stiggins on Assessment for Learning. I found his work really thought provoking particularly when he said students not teachers make the first decisions on assessments.

  2. Thanks Mark; I’ll check that out. I’m working on a presentation to staff around the theme of ‘student voice’ so that sounds doubly relevant.

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