ISTE Vision


I spent a bit of a wild and windy Mt Martha holiday day yesterday plowing through the undealt with emails from last term and watching presentations from the latest NECC Conference on ISTE Vision. You have to register but the site is free and works well. I saw several presentations from comfort of my own study and got some good tips and advice.

And in terms of tips, I liked the presentation by Tammy Worcester, which was really just a run-through of some interesting technology tools, many of which I hadn’t seen before. I like and the instant backchannel tool called Today’s Meet. Both have potential for instant classroom use.

Oh, and a tip of my own. Plugging the laptop into an external monitor, and setting up as dual monitors (see pic below) meant that I could work through my emails while listening (and glancing at) the presentations on the other screen.

I use dual monitor setups whenever I’m not in the classroom and love that functionality. Combine it with the excellent little tool MultiMon Taskbar and it’s easy to whisk applications back and forth across the monitors without dragging and resizing. I generally have the document I’m working on in the main window and Outlook or Itunes in the secondary window.


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