A view from the bridge

I spent a couple of memorable hours during the holidays exploring the Brooklyn Bridge in NY, a beautiful bit of engineering and central symbol from Arthur Miller’s  wonderful play A View from the Bridge, which I taught to Year 12 a couple of years ago and really enjoyed.  I took the photo above and lots of others!

I thought of bridges today, saying goodbye to the Year 12 class at the final lunch and wishing them well for the exams. It’s a strange cycle, teaching, when you think about it. Building a class culture and working relationships and then finishing that journey, saying goodbye, and starting again.  They’re ready to go, ready for the exam, ready to cross that bridge from school into the next stage of their lives and that’s what you want as a teacher or a parent; that they are ready.  You do your best to prepare them and then you watch them cross that bridge.  And start thinking about next year.


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